Saturday, January 21, 2012

Viking 28mm army - rebasing deep units for Impetus

I collected my Viking army over several years, and based it up awhile ago to play "It's Magic" and "Might of Arms" with.  It's Magic is a local game with a lot of play testing that Peter & I enjoy playing, and Might of Arms is a fine set of published rules -- really old WRG rules made playable in an evening.

Both rulesets do not reduce unit sizes by removing casualties -- so I used big bases.  I have subsequently discovered Impetus, and like this ruleset a lot.  In Impetus many armies have units that are more than one stand deep, or deep units.  The Vikings are one of these.  So I played my Vikings as deep units but didn't like the look -- I based them as one-base equals one-unit.  Therefore, I compacted the figures in the middle of the base to both protect the figures from handling during play, and to visually make a tight formation on the base.  As single-base units this works great, but makes the deep unit look like one unit behind another, not one unit.  I never liked this, and finally determined to see if I couldn't improve the look (my pride in the Irish encouraged me to raise the appearance of their opponents, I believe).  So I unbased some of the figures from their 6 cm x 12 cm bases, and rebased them on 4 cm x 12 cm bases, in one rank on the leading edge of the base.

New deep unit basing on the front left unit and rear units, old deep unit "stacked unt" basing on the front right unit.
 You can see that the effect from the side is very improved.  However, it isn't perfect.  The ranks should be even.  I may rebase the rest of the army later, burt I will certainly base all future deep units at the same time so that I can compose them to appear as one unit.

I think that the view from the front is now much improved, however.  The following pictures show that.

The new basing system seen from the front.

The Viking envassion of Ireland had three Viking divisions.  The left wing was commanded by the least inspiring Jarl in the army.
Vikinng left wing division
The center and right had commanders of far more reknown, known and respected throughout the land.

Center and right divisions
The hard fought battle between the invading Vikings and the local Irish will be discussed in a future post!
Viking host desending on the peaceful Irish village


  1. Really nice looking Vikings and a (once) quaint little village. I personally think the ranks look great.


  2. Hey Brent!! Steve from Fargo, I saw you got a gaming blog going so I wanted to stop by and check it out

    feel free to check out my gaming blog as well, and Id love to hear a comment or two from you.

    I will subscribe to your feed as well so I can keep up on what your doing. Nice looking figs as always Brent.

  3. Thanks, Frank. I like your blog -- thanks for sharing the link.

    Steve -- good to hear from you. What is your blog-site?

  4. Realy nice idee about using a smaler rear base, looks very good !

    Best regards Michael