Thursday, January 5, 2012

Up North!

I went up to Grand Marias over the new years.  I had a blast, clearly the north shore of Lake Superior is my "happy place."

In honor of that, I'd like to share some past photos of favorite spots.

In teh summer I stay in a cabin near Hovland, Minnesota.  Right out the door is a little point, which I spend a lot of time on.  Here's the view looking east up the coast . . .
The cabin on the next small point to the east
That evening I was out around sunset, and an ore-ship was reflecting the setting sun off the point.

This remains one of the favorite scenes I took pictures of off "the point."   I just noticed the resemblence between the waves on the point and the waves on the Jarl Asbjorn model -- I think I know what I was modelling!

Another often visited location is the Pidgeon river, which is the border between the US and Canada.  A very cool place on the river is the Partridge Falls.  In 2010 my buddy Dennis and I were up north in the peak of leaf season.  We went and visited Partridge Falls.
On the road into Partridge Falls
My "artsy" shot of the falls

Looking across the falls
Logs at the bottom of the falls -- these are from the 19th century, when the area was first logged
With Dennis, for scale!
I came home from the time up north totally refreshed -- which is my common reaction to visiting this wonderful area.

I'll post more on basing the Irish army soon!


  1. No matter how many times I visit the North Shore, I never see everything there is to see. We're really lucky to live so close to such a gem.

    Thanks for I want to make a trip up north!