Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dark Age Irish Teaser

Bonnauchts, the bulk of the Irish army

The Irish have challenged all and sundry to a match tomorrow -- so I've been going full bore to get them ready for the big day.  I'd like to share a bit of the army, as a preview to the full review to come.

One goal I had was to make each troop type visually distinct. In the past I've had armies where I could tell them apart, but others had difficulty.  Sometimes I had to really study the stand to decide what it was.  Definately not what I want!  So I used variety of figure, number of figures per stand, and color and painting quality to show unit type.

All the Irishmen in the Impetus year 1000 list have javelins as missile weapons.  The bonnauchts are FL (light foot)  in Impetus, or order troops.  They are decent missile troops, but strictly average in melee at VBU 4, Impetus 1.  I portrayed them as 8 figure units, with well painted and varied figures.  The kerns are either FL or S (skirmish).  The FL are weak melee troops, and average missile units.  The S are average skirmishers.  I portrayed the FL kerns as 6 figures, and the S as 4 figures.  The figure variety is comparatively very limited, and the general appearance muddier.


Skirmish kern on left, FL on the right

Bonnauchts, FL kern & S kern
The rest of the army is awaiting the drying of all the glue.  Reveal day awaits!

The challenge is issued -- I'm hoping for the luck of the Irish! 

I will follow up with a presentation of the finished army, and may have an AAR of tomorrow's battle.  (Sometimes the camera just never gets used -- I quess some days the bards never make it off the field.)


  1. Spectacular, Brent! You've been very busy. I especially love the basing with the dogs and bits and your free handed shields. Another great looking army!

  2. Thanks Scotty, I appreciate your compliments.

    Monty, I really pushed hard to be ready for Sunday. Unfortunately, the lads did not have the luck of the Irish -- they are not the type of melee army I handle with such comparative ease. So I will learn how to handle them! And in the meanwhile, I am proud of the boys! Painting them was great fun.