Saturday, February 18, 2012

Konstantian or Nikephrian? Ladd's lads . .

Jack Ladd is another St. Paul Irregulars (SPI) member working on 28mm Impetus armies.  Jack is building a Byzantine army from Volume 15 army lists found in Impetus Supplement 2.  I believe it will be able to be either Nikephorian or Konstantinian.  The majority of the army are Crusader figures.  Jack has some of his army painted and on bases, but without the basework.  Jack's shared his WIP before a game -- so, here's some more visual stimulation!

First up are the Varangians.  The shields and banners are primarily provided by Little Big Man, but I believe the Madonna and Child is a postage stamp.  (Jack never forgets his projects!)

Jack also had his horse archers along, and several stands of Thematic cavalry units.  I really like the portrayed movement of the light horse.  The Thematic cavalry are depicted with four figures a base.  i believe the Thematic (higher quality standing cavalry) will be five figures a base, and the Kataphractoi will be six.

Light cavalry archers, front and back views

Thematic cavalry

Jack also brought some personality figures he plans to use as game markers.  These include the Gripping Beast Harald Hardrada figure.  Harald's the guy who absolutely towers over the rest!

The tiny guy with the axe resting on the ground is a Crusader figure, which is a big 28.  The others are Gripping Beasts, so these beasties are really large personality figures.  For Harald, that's totally appropriate.

We'll leave Jack's Byzzies in Progress with a final view of the Varangians in a nice setting . . .


For the past several weeks I've been working on my 2012 LIttle Wars game, the Vikings in Ireland.  I am working out the forces, terrain, and objectives.  Some obstacles have been encountered, but shall be overcome!  More on this task will follow in the days ahead.



  1. Love the Byzantines - very colourful 1

  2. Just great looking. Tempts me sorely... If only I didn't live in a 15mm world.