Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Arthur, Duke Bellorum

One of the local groups I'm active in is the St. Paul Irregulars (SPI).  A number of the lads are working on 28mm Impetus armies.  Jim Smiley painted up a Late Western Roman army, centered around the theme of Arthur.  Jim has given me permission to share pictures of his work.  So, for no other reason than to share the photographic stimulation of Jim's creation, here goes!
Arthur is in the center, on the white horse, of course.  His hounds accompany him into battle.

The line of Cataphracts
Comitatenses, backed up by Sagittarii

Arthur encouraging the boys to valorous deeds.
Jim is currently working on Sassanids, and has completed several stands of elephants.  They are most impressive, and I'm sure to share them in the future.


  1. That is a spectacular army. So much detail and effort went into these. For example, look at the reflection of the blue gem in Arthur's sword reflected in the blade.

  2. Jim, keeps adding different things to his army every time
    he brings them out. The painting is awsome, i luv his style.

  3. Jim's work is very nice. I'm eager to share his Sassanids, which I have seen but haven't had the chance to photograph yet. Perhaps we will see them at Little Wars this year.

  4. lovely stuff!

    moving to impetus myself for late romans and sassanids!