Thursday, February 16, 2012

Impetus at Little Wars

Little Wars 2012 April 27 - 29 Pheasant Run Resort, DuPage Expo Center, St. Charles, IL.

There will be plenty of opportunities to play Impetus as Little Wars this year.  Two games on Friday -- the first features Vikings in Ireland (Fri, 9:00am-1:00pm; Event ID E111: I Just Need to get a Few Things), and the second is the battle of Adrianople (Fri, 3:00pm-6:00pm; Event ID E037: Battle of Adrianople 378 AD).  Saturday has a beautiful Samurai game (Sat, 9:00am-11:00am; Event ID E117: Road to Edo)  and an open gaming event Saturday night (Sat, 6:00pm-2:00am; Event ID E112: Impetus 300 Point Armies).  Bruce and I are planning to continue playing 300 point games on Sunday, and will add this to the events if others express interest.

These games represent the efforts of four different local groups from the Chicago area, Madison, and the Twin Cities.  So lots of opportunities to play, and to meet other regional players. This is a so-far unegualled opportunity to share Impetus with others in the midwest.

And do please give a "shout-out" if you want to continue the 300 point match games on Sunday so I know to get it scheduled.




  1. This sounds a lot of fun. It's just unfortunate that it's a bit far to travel from Scotland

  2. Does sound like a lot of fun sadly i have a little further to go than Scotland to get there New Zealand's a hope skip and a jump further but man i really love your blog some really sharp painting here, Keep up the great work

  3. I too would like to get together with friends from all over the world. Alas, for now it may just be by post . .