Friday, December 23, 2011

Who will you send against me now? -- Irish dark age camp

I have all next week off!  My intention is to finish painting the Irish portion of my Irish Impetus dark age army, and get it based up.  I shall certainly make good progress on that.

I wanted to share a camp diorama my good friend Jack Ladd did for me back in July.  Jack and I were going over figures I had in my basement, and Jack developed an idea he insisted he run with.  The basis of the setting is a fine bear by Trent Miniatures, a hero from the Crusader Irish line, and a handler, archer, and standard bearer by Gripping Beast.

Views of the front and side show the Irish/Viking area above, and show the Irish view of the hero and "tamed" bear.

The suprise Jack envisioned and created is the enemy archer.

I hope you enjoy.  I will share pictures of how I intend to organize my army soon.


  1. That is fabulous! What a camp! Is the hill a piece of wood or driftwood? The layers and irregular shapes are great.

    I look at the bear and think "Try sacking THIS camp!"

  2. Yes, Jack did an incredable job.

    The hill is bark from a cottonwood tree. These are very plentiful by the major rivers, ans they cooperate by shedding large pieces of bark. I have some if you'd like it, and know how to get lots more.

  3. Jack is a bad man. He will do anythin but paint Russians.

  4. Wonderfull.!!!! That is a really great and original idea for a camp!! Great painting and basing
    Merry X-mas

  5. smiley-james@comcast.netDecember 26, 2011 at 3:11 PM

    That is a great camp base. And this is a cool blog. I have received my Sassanids and have the first elephant painted. You should feel the ground shaking and rumbling soon!

  6. Thanks for the comments, gents. Jack is accomplished at this art, and executed his idea very well.

    Jim - I'm happy to hear the Sassanids are here. I look forward to seeing the stompy! Sassinids are next on my army painting list!

  7. HEY that Jack guy is pretty cool, I dont know why I er i mean he wud want to paint Russians :/ PAH!@ er i mean Russians rock.