Thursday, December 29, 2011

Jarl Asbjorn

I did Jarl Asbjorn back in the '80's.  I was active in the local figure society, the Minnesota Miniature Figure Society, and did quite a few collector figures at the time.

I believe the figure is a Post Militaire Series 66 viking.   I did the shore and rock carving with balsa and Durham Rock-Hard putty, and the water is a two-part resin product.  I can't remember much more about making the water -- looking at it now I believe the waves are clear sealer, like you would use on a sink.

Anyway, without further ado . . .

It was fun photographing the Jarl, and I am sure I will share other of my past collector figure pieces from time to time. 


  1. I bought an example of this figure about twenty years ago - it's a fantastic piece of sculpting, and your painting does it great credit

  2. A great result! I love the etching on the rocks, it looks almost real!!!