Sunday, December 18, 2011

Current painting project -- Dark Age Irish

This year I've started painting again, after taking a many year break from it.  I've really enjoyed it, and want to share my most recent work.

I'm currently painting a Dark Age Irish army, and plan to play with Impetus.  I've got a large collection of dark age armies, and the Irish will fill in a gap in my British Isles collection.  The army will be well over 600 points, and contain about 280 or 290 figures.  I've got around 200 painted, and plan to finish my Irish figures before I base that portion of the army up.
Irish figures awaiting paint.  Figures are all Crusader.
I'm building the army primarily with Crusader miniatures.  For me, this is the best value out there, when using the Old Glory Army Card.  I'm saddened by the end of Old Glory carrying Crusader figures.  For those interested, you've got through December to order through Old Glory.

I've come along way since I started painting again.  Some of my most recent figures follow.  I'd welcome any comments.

My painting table

Women &Archers
Recent Irish noblemen additions
Noble command, front and back


  1. Welcome to blogging and welcome back to painting. A fine lot of ruffians you have there.

  2. Nice to see those crusaders mini's done as well look great i too am saddened by the Old Glory?Crusader arangement coming to an end. Just when they came out with crusaders too