Monday, May 14, 2012

The Sassanid Army of Jim - Brief Teaser

Jim S. brought his Sassinids over in April, and played a 500 point Impetus game against my Fatimid's.  I took pictures of the game -- I don't enjoy writing AARs (I was there, after all), but I want to introduce Jim's Sassanids. We are playing a big group game this Sunday, May 20, pitting Jim's Sassinids against Jack's Byzantines.  That will be spetacular game, and I really look forward to it!

So here we go on the Sassinid teaser:
Heavy Cavalry Pushtigbhan
First are the Pushtigbhan, cataphracts that form the fist of the army.  Jim's are very well painted, and some future close-ups will show just how painted they are.

Next up are the Savaran.  These are medium cavalry in Impetus, and quite good horse archers.  They can soften an opponent up with missile fire, potentially evade when charged, and then charge home when the enemy is ready to break.

Shapur I leads these lads

Last, but certainly not least, are the elephants.  These are hazardous to enemy cavalry, but vulnerable to missile fire.  The elephants are accompanied by a skirmisher screen of slingers to help protect them from opposing missile fire.
The elephant's come on -- they are already effected by missile fire.  When they fail a cohesion test caused by missile fire, they must retire.

I trust that I will have the opportunity to take more pictures of Jim's Sassanids, and I will gladly share them.  That's all for now!


  1. I really luv Jim's sassy Sassinids, they are visually stunning up close and the detail and color. The stompie's rock even with Jim's bad bad comments about my ROOOooman's PaH!@ "D Very nice work. His Arthurian Romano/Brits are wicked too. Jack

  2. Marvellous miniatures, thanks for sharing :)